World Kindness Day — Is This A Joke?

The Leaders of Unkindness?

  1. Politicians lie to each other and the people they claim to care about. It’s not an exaggeration to say that politicians only care about the power and money they can obtain through their position.
  2. Religious leaders abuse children, fleece their flocks, lie, cheat, and preach division. There isn’t a reasonable, thinking person alive who cannot see the hypocrisy displayed in the lives of the clergy. And the churches are full of hypocrites as well. “I hate going to church because I see people there who I know are drunkards, gossips, liars and cheats . . . I don’t have any respect for hypocrites and our church is full of them,” was the comment of one young man published in the Palm Beach, Florida “Post - Times.”
  3. Big corporations focus on profits to satisfy shareholders instead of the people who work for them and the public. CEOs make obscene amounts of money that could be better used. Tobacco companies sell a legalized product that kills about 7 million people each year.
  4. The world spends nearly 3 trillion dollars per year on arms, with the United States driving about 79 percent of that trade.



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Mike Allison

Mike Allison


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